Ergonomics of new OS & screens a touchy subject in the office?

We've seen it coming and it's happening in an office near you. There is research about health outcomes where laptops are used as the only base for work in children and adults, we now also have touch screens on those laptops set to become more common with the launch of Windows 8. I bought a new laptop yesterday with Windows 8 and had a play. The salesman suggested that if I stayed with a model that didn't have a touch screen, I would regret it as the interaction is really designed around touch. Joe was right. The immediate experience was fun using touch and not so fun using the touchpad. If this is the experience others have, we are in for an interesting time as far as understanding the implications for work health and safety. Not only are the health outcomes of using a laptop full time poorly understood in the wider business community, the implications of adding a touch screen to the mix are still being investigated. I went to a seminar on gesture based input run for developers of Kinect and where the need for a bit of caution re reaching out for longer periods was at least mentioned. We have the opportunity for a whole new world of options for work design and a whole new world of discomfort from ways of work which we don't yet fully understand and can't measure well. Should be interesting times ahead!