Successful consulting begins 'with the end in mind'. Our approach is to get clear about that by starting an open conversation to identify the overall purpose of the work and what you want to achieve at the end of the project. The initial work may be done by roughing out a wider context and then following on with a smaller element or elements of the project run as a 'pilot' before going on to a more comprehensive service.

If your issue demands a dedicated, research oriented approach, Wendy can do a 'scoping' study and presentation which will give the project a broader grounding and suggest the directions to take. 

Wendy has consulted and worked as an employee in both the public and private sectors, worked in both rural and metropolitan environments and in a broad range of industries, experience which adds value to any project.

Wendy sure knows her stuff, and would be an excellent advisor to anyone attempting to see through the chaos and complexity of big multidisciplinary projects.
— Dr Jason Fox, making clever happen