Who is it for?

  • Health professionals who provide strategic and practical advice on the design and redesign of the built environment, a work system or task / job / work design
  • Design professionals who want to learn more about applying a human and a purpose centred approach to their design practice.

That's where the design mentoring service comes in

I'll work with you personally to show you how to:

  • Influence both the people and place aspects of the design as you work with others in the design process
  • Take a 'Work Design' approach bring more aspects of the work as it's really done into the design
  • Learn skills and access resources which you will use again and again in new projects
  • Get new perspectives on the design options which best suit people at work
  • Keep a purpose-centred focus to make sure your design advice is relevant for the business and budget
  • Take a focus on how the type of work done and the use of the area is changing to 'future proof' your design

How does it work?

The exact process will vary depending on your circumstances; it generally invovles a combination of face to face time and ongoing access. For example a typical scenario might be:

  • a one-hour meeting face to face for Canberra based people or online as an alternative
  • Access to me by phone, text and email throughout the month as required
  • Access to webcasts of key skills needed for the job
  • Other things we do during the month (review plans, specific skills and guidelines, work on a mindmap together
  • Introductions to key experts and bibliography of papers needed for evidence and
  • Other ad hoc meetings scheduled as necessary

For mentoring on a project plan or design related project, over the mentoring period here are examples of work we can develop together:

  • a summary brief for the project or a mind map which you can invite you project team to work on
  • if it's a built environment project, a marked up copy of plans you have and /or your recommendations to advance the project
  • a draft of the work design for a key role or work area you choose related to this project

That might seem a bit open ended but that's because I want our working relationship to be based on value, not the time spent so lets do what it takes to achieve your outcomes.

The investment

$1000 plus GST per month for three months totalling $3300. You can contact me at business@wendyelford.com or call 0438 310 176 to talk about how we can custom fit an approach for you.