Who is it for?

  • Executives and members of the senior leadership team who want new perspectives and a bird's eye view; think of this as a scan and briefing on an important business issue or opportunity. It could be a wicked problem, an emerging issue or options to future proof your business
  • Motivated professionals and thoughtleaders looking for new directions in professional practice and new markets to explore

That's where the executive mentoring program comes in

I'll work with you personally to:

  • Explore the issue (both wide and deep) to uncover new opportunities
  • Link the current business strengths and resources to your new area of focus
  • Find resources in other aligned businesses where other executives or thoughtleaders are ready to share your new direction
  • Map out the information territory - the key bodies of work and concepts - to keep you up to date and in line with leading thinkers
  • Explore and plan experiments you might make to test your new direction
  • Set up tools to help you track the results of each experiment or pilot

How does it work?

The exact process will vary depending on your circumstances; it generally involves cycles of a pre-session brief, face to face time and follow up. For example a typical scenario might include:

  • Pre-session briefing which helps me understand the issues you are working on, where the barriers are, what is working well and the opportunities you see 
  • A one hour meeting face to face for Canberra based people or online as an alternative
  • Mapping out the focus area and the resources you can use
  • Recording the session for later reference
  • 20 minute scheduled follow up after the session

For mentoring on a specific project, over the mentoring period some examples of work we can do together includes a:

  • Summary brief for the project
  • Mind map which you can invite your project team to work on in the background
  • Draft model of an area of intellectual property or a process you are working on
  • Resource list

That might seem a bit open ended but that's because I want our working relationship to be based on value, not the time spent so lets do what it takes to achieve your outcomes.

The investment

Mentoring is available in packages of $1650 or $3000 plus GST for packages of three / six sessions scheduled by agreement . You can contact me at business@wendyelford.com or call 0438 310 176 to talk about how we can custom fit an approach for you.