Learning & Research

With the world of research and business changing so fast, there is nothing like being able to find out more without constantly having to involve external consultants and information specialists. It may be that you need to be responsible for finding an answer yourself. It may be that you need the answer quickly for a particular report or presentation, to generate ideas in response to an unexpected business challenge, or to brief a senior member of the staff or the board.

Most of the time, you'll have some tools to do the job, but they may not be getting you the results you want. With a looming deadline, often the only way forward is to narrow your focus and miss the bigger picture, or to simplify the situation too much to get a broader view. A narrow focus and losing access to detail and weak signals means you will often miss information which later proves to be important. Another problem is getting good quality information, but the way the information was gathered can't be repeated or kept relevant as it is impractical to keep the research and analysis going in 'real time'.

You're the expert at content - what Wendy has developed here is a framework you can use to get different perspectives on your area of interest. Mentoring or workshops in using the framework 'Context for Action' may be just the advantage you need to help you identify new perspectives, to compare them and to see how they change over time in your area of research.

Here is a video of how to help set the context for your decisions