As an expert, you will know a lot about your particular work area, for example as a team manager, or in your area of practice if you are a designer or professional. The truth is that what we know as experts can and should be challenged as the world we work in and manage is changing fast. When mentoring, Wendy aims to combine what you know you know, with what can be anticipated, through research, networking and a ‘foresight’ approach, about your particular business situation. This will help you get to great work design in the context of tomorrow’s work in your organisation.

If you want to be more hands on and learn how to explore and track what is going on in your area, Wendy can introduce you a range of models and tools, show you how to use them and be available to guide your research.

Mentoring can be internet based using web based conferencing or face to face. Options include a half day programme for an individual or team, a package of 3 sessions or a year-long programme with a mix of face to face and online sessions.