Who is it for?

  • Operations and strategic HR executives who want to understand if the office set-up is meeting the requirements for safety and effective employee performance
  • Property and facilities executives who want evidence on how the built environment is performing from a safety and health perspective to assist planning and estate management

That's where the WHS office checkup comes in

Together we'll assess at the current fitout and workplace environment from a WHS and ergonomics perspective so you can:

  • Report on currentand emerging WHS issues in your office to meet your duty of care as an employer
  • Learn the specifics - how does your current furniture, layout and equipment and the workplace environment (noise, space and lighting) stack up against current standards and new trends?
  • Get some quick 'hits' on how to improve your office environment right now - what can you do to improve how your employees really work now?
  • Get new perspectives on the safety and health issues present in the modern office in your industry
  • Keep a purpose-centred focus to make sure any intended changes to office design will deliver a good fit for your employees to 'future proof' your office design

How does it work?

The exact process depends on the size and complexity of your business:

  • A one-hour meeting face to face or online as an alternative
  • Access to building plans pre-visit for planning and recording
  • Two hour site visit walk through with operations or HR officer
  • A half hour meeting after the walk through to clarify issues and details
  • A summary document and issues / recommendations for further action
  • A follow up online meeting to clarify any questions you have

For a more detailed focus on specific issue eg sitting height desks versus sit - stand desks, here are some examples of additional work we can develop together:

  • a summary brief for executive with a problem, opportunity, solutions focus
  • if you have current office redesign, a marked up copy of plans to advance the project
  • a list of resoures your employees can use to further investigate the issue

That might seem a bit open ended but that's because I want our working relationship to be based on value, not the time spent so lets do what it takes to achieve your outcomes.

The investment

$1200 including GST. You can contact me at business@wendyelford.com or call 0438 310 176 to talk about how we can custom fit an approach for you.