Tomorrow's Work

We've all seen evidence of the way work is changing, laptops in cafes, media clips on being more active at work, virtual meetings and social media. Workplace and work design need to not just keep pace with these changes, but to anticipate what’s next. It makes sense to help people get things done and to stay safe and well at work, both now and into the future.

Wendy takes a good look behind the scenes and also at the research to spot the bigger shifts – changes in the ‘DNA’ of work, the forces that shape how successful businesses will need to operate into the future. You might be interested to hear Wendy speak about the fascinating world of the future of work. 

Wendy also works with HR personnel, facilities managers and designers in a workshop setting or one on one to help identify the changes that apply at an individual, team or enterprise level. She'll help you to design work that works, to reshape, to implement new work designs, and to see how these are tracking in real time so that you get the results you want for your enterprise.