What People Say

Wendy is a font of cutting edge information, information which she willingly and effectively shares with others as a future ways-of-working-designer, problem solver / work design consultant and mentor.She is quick to respond to any requests for source material for solving or preventing work injury.

Wendy has recently become my mentor in the context of a large 5000+ university workforce. She is assisting me build on my human factors experience to help me work with design plans and to provide effective and timely advice for safe workplace design projects. Wendy assists me with much more, including guidance on how to manage a complex workload in creative and efficient ways, inspiring me with her amazing grasp of technology and on-line tools to make my work to portable, current and thoroughly researched.

Furthermore, her far-reaching vision and knowledge is shared willingly with all parties she works with. I am a more enlightened and effective person for knowing her!
— Kate Black, Advisor in Occupational Rehabilitation and WHS
Wendy sure knows her stuff, and would be an excellent advisor to anyone attempting to see through the chaos and complexity of big multidisciplinary projects.
— Dr Jason Fox making clever happen
Wendy has a passion for making workplace design suit the way we work today which is very evident in her consultancy projects and in her teaching. At my workplace, she was able to work with stakeholders to achieve a resolution to a complex design dilemma. She brings big thinking, creativity and innovative approaches to todays workplace design challenges.
— Melinda Browning OH&S Advisor