We’d like your experiences of work to be heard and counted, even shared, so before we get going, let’s talk about confidentiality. The results of this work journal do not include any information which could identify you. Since identifying data is removed, your experience is ‘anonymous’, but we still need your permission to use it. 

When you complete this work journal and submit it, you are agreeing that your experience will be used and shared for analysis and planning purposes. We'll give you a link just before you start the journal. Click in the box if you agree.
If you have any questions about this work journal, please contact support@wendyelford.com 

How to Participate

This work journal asks you to share stories of work as it is actually done. You are the one who sees and experiences the work around you, you know what is important and meaningful for you. It should take no more than 15 to 20 minutes for you to add your experience and to answer questions about what it means to you. Here are four steps that are involved in completing the entry.

Think of an actual work experience

You’ll see some pictures  below to help remind you of an experience or story about the way work is really done. It might be about your own work, or about another experience of work and working.

Share your experience and give it a title

On the next page you’ll see a check box to tick to agree to share your experience. On this page is a large box. This is the place to share the story of your experience. In the smaller box below, give the experience a title.

Tell us what your experience meant to you

There are two or three different  types of questions. These will allow you to add meaning about what you have shared, There are instructions to follow as you go. There is no 'wrong' or 'right' - all your answers are valued.

Multiple choice  questions

These questions add  more meaning to help others understand your story or experience. Please answer as many of these as you can.
Thankyou for
sharing your experience!

Please do not enter your name when you contribute your experience. We would like you to be confident that your experience is anonymous.

Think about an experience, either positive or negative, from your present or recent work. This can be one that happened to you, you witnessed, or that you heard about.

You might like to think of your experience of work as having one or more of six dimensions

You can look at the images below for some ideas...........