Designing Work

Profitable design has a pace about it that sometimes does not serve everybody fully in the long term. To say that design solutions move too fast would be a little off the mark. It’s more about managing the growing gap between identifying the possibilities and putting them into the design. It’s essential to get a quality brief from the client that matches their current and developing reality, and then to test the potential results of your plans as the overall design develops.

If the client has difficulty keeping pace with the opportunities coming in to improve the design, how can you as a designer best anticipate client needs and support decisions? Workplaces are complicated. If you are the client or a manager of the work, how do you help the designers understand what you need, and help them see the results of their designs? If you are a designer when the client moves in or takes ownership of your product, how can you quickly find the good and not so good results in the finished work?  It's important to get the details of any things that need fixing so that these get to the attention of the right people fast. How do you accelerate the design process to make the next design better?

We offer a tailored approach using a mix of design consultancy support for the design brief, post-occupancy evaluations, presentations,  and workshops to help clients and service providers to get the most out of their collaborative design projects.